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Coyotiv is a young and modern software engineering ecosystem of teachingmentorship, and co-creation.


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Talented people in tech are wanted everywhere. And academic degrees are not the only way to break into the field anymore. Coyotiv School of Software Engineering is the next generation, remote software engineering education designed to raise first-class software engineers from scratch. We teach our students the mentality of modern software engineering, so they can be familiar with the latest tools that are in demand in the industry today and be ready to learn the next technology whenever it comes out.

Numerous students changed their lives at the end of an intense 14-week program graduated as confident software engineers regardless of their background or prior experience with software development.

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You can learn from those who have gone before you, and you can map out your route ahead with much more confidence and much less worry. Coyotiv Mentorship Network is about connecting people who want to amplify their success with those who can lead them there. It's about getting personalized support by seasoned professionals that understand the world from where you stand, then leveraging their insights to do more, together!

Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years, we’ll help you find the perfect fit and take your business and career to the next level.

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A product you love with a crew you trust

Coyotiv provides software engineering and consulting services to local and international companies around the world. We believe that by collaborating, it is possible to create a world where you can grow past unnecessary obstacles and keep improving from where you are now. Our experienced software developers combine their expertise with your requirements to create a custom solution that suits your unique business needs.

In order to create the most collaborative environment, we don’t operate like a typical outsourcer, but offer partnerships to businesses where we become a part of their team. We call our collaboration model CTO-and-a-team-as-a-service. Funny name, but here we are!

Let’s collab!

This is where the crazy ideas shape the future

We are a team of people who not only develops innovative solutions to transform businesses, but also creates products that have been previously inconceivable. Coyotiv boasts an experimental department, called CoyotivLabs, that builds prototypes and creates cutting-edge ideas. Learning, experimenting, and discovering is the name of the game in this mad Coyote's laboratory. This is where we squeeze the possible out of the impossible.

Even though our school years are over, we are still finding new ways to improve and we love bringing crazy ideas that will shape the future.

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