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A product you love with a crew you trust

For a smooth sail in uncharted waters, we're not just building software for you, but we become a part of your company.

At Coyotiv, we believe relationships are what business is really all about. By collaborating, we can grow past unnecessary obstacles and keep improving!

We’ve spent years building, testing, and innovating products. Now, our software engineering team is ready to take on your challenges by collaborating with you. Coyotiv provides software engineering and consulting services to companies around the world. We believe that by collaborating, it is possible to create a world where you can grow beyond any obstacles and keep improving from where you are now. Our experienced product engineering team combines their expertise with your requirements to create a custom solution that suits your unique business needs.

In order to create the most collaborative environment, we don’t operate like typical software outsourcing firms, but offer partnerships to businesses where we become a part of their team. We call our collaboration model CTO-and-a-team-as-a-service. Funny name, but here we are!

Coyotiv Labs

Startups are vulnerable to risk

Let's be honest, launching a startup is not for the faint of heart. It's a risky venture that requires an enormous amount of energy and hard work—you need to solve a number of problems on your own. With so many factors that can determine success or failure, it can be tempting to throw in the towel before even getting started. In order to be successful, you have to understand the market, your customers, and their problems. The statistics show:

10 %

of startups fail within their first year

2 in 5

are profitable

1 in 3

will either break even or continue to lose money

Why startups fail

38%Ran out of cash

35%No market need

20%Got outcompeted

19%Flawed Business Model

14%Not the right team

10%Product mistimed

8%Poor product

7%Disharmony among team and investor

5%Burned out

*Source: CB Insights, “The Top 12 Reasons Startups Fail”, 2021.

From lack of product-market fit to disharmony on the team, there are numbers of reasons why startups can fail.

Our goal is to create products that are scalable, fit for purpose, and meet the end user's always-evolving needs, to make sure everything runs smoothly so that you can focus on the most important thing—your business.

Partner with Coyotiv to meet your product goals. So you can focus on what really matters!

While Coyotiv engineers, designers and product managers create state-of-the-art products tailored to your needs, you can focus on what you want to achieve with your business. Having founded several startups, we know the challenges of starting something from scratch. When we walk together, we'll make sure you're launching your product with the best possible chance for success.

Why partner with Coyotiv Collaboration

Our proven track record of producing extraordinary results, with years of experience in team development, software craft, and cohesive team culture building...

If you are working with us, we join your communication channels or work at your offices as if we are members of your team.

We focus on creating long-lasting relationships with our partners, not just getting one-off projects.

Two coyotees try to find their way

Choose a collaboration model that fits your needs

We understand how important it is to integrate new software into the existing framework and ecosystem of your company. That’s why we personalize our processes to fit in with your company’s workflows and procedures, and we leverage your current technology infrastructure.

Coyotiv can help you find the team you need

Software architect

Senior software engineers

Junior software engineers

Product managers


Let's build your A team

Don't Build it Alone

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