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This is where the crazy ideas shape the future

Learning, experimenting, and discovering is the name of the game in this mad Coyote's laboratory. This is where we squeeze the possible out of the impossible.

How it all started: The story behind Coyotiv’s most innovative branch

School times are over but learning and building never stops when you love what you do. Even before our college years, we were working through our ideas in the lab. We are still finding new ways to improve and know that there is no “one” way to get on with our lives. We love bringing crazy ideas to reality. And we love working with our peers on new software development projects to shape the future.

We are a team of people who not only develops innovative solutions to transform businesses, but also creates products that have been previously inconceivable. Coyotiv boasts an experimental department, called CoyotivLabs, that builds prototypes and creates cutting-edge ideas for startups. CoyotivLabs was created not only to develop software—but reimagine solutions. Our product team is constantly exploring new technologies and challenging the status quo to build new and exciting products that will change the future of tech.

Here are some new ways to shape the future by Coyotiv

Globe with 4 legs

A P300 system that lets people type with their brain signals entirely in JavaScript / Electron

What if we told you could log your brain to the developer console and type with your brain signals? No, it's not a science-fiction movie. The future is already here! Our founder Armağan Amcalar's brain signals experiment includes an open-source Brain-Computer Interface that is completely developed with JavaScript, from the ground up, using neural networks and signal processing and a wireless EEG headset. The goal is to underline that JavaScript is not only for websites but is actually the coolest thing ever. The beginners will be in awe when they see what they can do with JavaScript, the advanced users will learn a new field of application.

If you are curious how read signals from the brain in JavaScript, and its implementation in Electron, Node.js and Vue.js, you can read more about the project here and the research behind it here.

Code, Play & Rock ’n’ Roll: A WebAudio Experiment

Ever wanted to have your guitar pedal stack in the cloud, available anywhere you go without any hardware? Ever wanted to manage your sound as easily as browsing a web site? Ever wanted to share the perfect sound you created with your friends without the hassle? You loved the overdrive on that effects software but wanted to tweak its EQ a little bit?

Guitar effects software on the market are very nice indeed, but they somehow lack few important concepts — ease of use, portability, sharing stuff, customization, extensibility, etc. Pedalboard.js is a ground-breaking, first of its kind, novel open-source JavaScript framework for developing audio effects and applying them to sound sources–and it's particularly good at guitar effects. This project is about pushing the limits of what a web browser can do, and goes over pedalboard.js, an open source JavaScript framework for building real-time guitar effects in the browser.

Prostreamer: A Live-Streaming tool designed with your audience in mind

Did you ever think you could go live on Instagram using a professional setup rather than a phone? Do you want to increase the number of viewers in your live stream? Well, the wait is over! We present to you, Prostreamer, the next-generation Instagram live-streaming tool, designed for content creators and social media influencers. This tool is like a jetpack for your Instagram account; it exists to help you build and grow your audience, and amplify your voice.

The explosion of video content in 2021 was just the beginning. We will be seeing online events and live videos take off more than ever before in the coming years. To equip all the content creators and social media influencers to go live without being restricted to a single device.

We will also launch a detailed analytics tool in Prostreamer. You get detailed analysis of your stream, and this makes your stream interactive with games you can play with the audience where they become a part of your stream with more than just comments with games you can play with the audience where they become a part of your stream with more than just comments.

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