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Once upon a time, there was a team that wanted to change the world…

A mighty tale of an inspiring crew, who wants to solve the real problems of real people, discover better approaches for companies, improve the craft of their students, and create value above all else.

Where it all began…

Coyotiv is started by an engineer/entrepreneur who has spent 15+ years in software development, founding and leading multiple startups. Our founder, Armağan Amcalar has led the creation of several innovative products that millions of people use daily, has seen many successes and some epic failures throughout his career. At the culmination of all these experiences, he made a bold move to quit his job, to gather like-minded people who shared his almost obsessive passion for changing the way software is built.

When Coyotiv took its first hesitant steps, it was a cartoon character who inspired us: Wile E. Coyote. Since our childhood years, we were deeply moved by the mythical endurance of this tenacious character, who never gave up chasing his dreams even though all the rules of his universe were against him. Just like this mad scientist, who’s known for breaking the laws of physics, we were dedicated to breaking the laws of how software is built in the world.

We could empathize with him because all the rules of our universe were against us too. The software industry is shaping the world and changing our lives drastically, but the practice itself is still in its infancy compared to more established fields. Newbies are confused about how to get their foot in the door. Professionals suffer from a lack of understanding of best practices to ensure timely success. There are not enough leaders and managers, and most senior engineers are "promoted" into management without adequate experience. We all get through this at the expense of costly mistakes.

The Coyotiv ecosystem is designed to change that by creating scalable engineering environments and processes with a strong vision and solid fundamentals to enable businesses and fuel innovation. Our mission is to eliminate the unpredictable aspects of this volatile, very competitive, constantly evolving field, so you can focus on the actual uncertainties—your business.

Finding our pack—or building one

Coyotes can be solitary animals at times. Nonetheless, they form smaller packs and support each other, especially during hard times. Like these small packs, our first need was to find our own pack of first-class engineers, who’ll create state-of-the-art products. If you've ever intended to find one of these, you know they don't grow on trees. If you have ever intended to become one of these, you know that it is not easy to get the right guidance.

That’s why our first step was to build a great school that would support its students in their learning journey, by bringing in our expertise and experiences and coaching them to forge their own paths.

We see software as a craft and software engineers as craftspeople. Unfortunately, existing educational institutions, including universities, are far from the education of craftspersonship. Our secret is to transfer the first-hand experience from the master to the apprentice, as a result of one-to-one interaction between them. Learning by doing is the foundation of our teaching methodology. This hands-on experience allows students to intrinsically understand the mentality of modern software engineering while also giving them the practical skills to apply what they’re learning in a real-world setting.

Creating the dream team, to build state-of-the-art products

While Coyotiv started as a School of Software Engineering, we knew that if we wanted to change the software world, we had to spread the Coyotiv magic, aka Coyotivity. Thanks to the Coyotiv School of Software Engineering experience, we are now proud to work together with an A-team of talented software engineers, product managers, and designers, who create state-of-the-art products, that are scalable, fit for purpose, and meet the end-users’ always-evolving needs.

Unlike any outsourcing company in the tech world, the mighty Coyotiv team is not just building software for companies. We offer a partnership where we become an integral part of your company for a while. We join your communication channels or participate in your meetings as we become your team members. Our aim is to grow a sustainable engineering culture and make you independent. That’s why we organize your hiring efforts and gradually build up an internal team for you before our collaboration comes to an end.

What the future holds for us—and for you

We are currently focusing on our product development team, but it is the tip of the iceberg. In the near future, we aim to become a turnkey company builder, where we provide all required setups for a complete business ready-to-use, existing in a condition that allows for immediate operation, from the idea to production. This includes creating a vision and a strategy, market research, branding, handling customer communications, HR, and marketing, research and development…

We want to ensure that no one should have to learn by repeating the costly mistakes everyone else did. We are inviting you to become part of this revolutionary way to elevate your business.