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Mission statement for the Coyotiv continuing education program

Our Commitment to Quality

Coyotiv faces the need of the economy for digitalization.

With its online training and further education course program for software engineers Coyotiv offers excellent entry opportunities into the tech job market to people who want to open up to a new field of expertise in the digital world.

Our customers are mostly career changers who have already completed a professional (usually university) education and have a few years of professional experience in a field other than software engineering.

The expectation of our customers is a modern and effective learning program, adapted to current challenges, with which the entry into a new job market can succeed well.

Our training and continuing education programs are honoring these expectations and are therefore geared to the needs of the market and our customers in terms of content and way of teaching. This also means that the training is constantly adapted to current challenges.

Our employees and instructors of our courses regularly gain further qualifications and regularly scrutinize our training offers with regard to the relevance of the content. The core of our training or further education courses is not only the creation of technical competences but also the creation of social competences for better cooperation in the team and the strengthening of the personality of the participants for a confident appearance in public.

Suggestions of the participants of our courses are taken up and examined. Hospitations serve the improvement of our course program and the teaching of the contents. Good infrastructure and sufficient, modern teaching materials create the right conditions and atmosphere for our participants.

Our educational organization works systematically, on the basis of our quality management system, which we are constantly improving and developing.

Patience and empathy of our staff and training according to didactically proven curricula are the key of our participants' success.

The success of our participants is our success!