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What is Bildungsgutschein?

Bildungsgutschein is an "education voucher" issued by the Agentur für Arbeit or the Jobcenter in Germany. This voucher covers the costs of the chosen course and allows you to learn new skills eliminating financial obstacles.

The aim of the Bildungsgutschein is to equip job seekers with valuable, in-demand skills that would help them to find a new career path or a job. Additionally, while studying with a Bildungsgutschein, you will still be entitled to receive your unemployment benefits.

Study for free with Bildungsgutschein!

If you are a resident in Germany, you can apply for a Bildungsgutschein and that's enough to cover the entire cost of Coyotiv School of Software Engineering.

certified according to AZAV

Certified According to AZAV

You might be eligible for a Bildungsgutschein if:

You are currently unemployed

You are currently employed but facing the possibility of unemployment

You require further training in order to ensure job security in your current employment

You require further training in order to make up for a "missing" qualification which is relevant to your line of work

The application steps

Step 1


Schedule an appointment with Agentur für Arbeit. Once you've made an appointment, you'll be assigned an advisor. They will act as your designated contact person for all further appointments.Schedule now 

Step 2


Collect all the necessary documents and carry out the appointment with Agentur für Arbeit. In this process, your advisor at Agentur für Arbeit will be answering all the questions in your mind.

Step 3


Finally, when you receive the Bildungsgutschein, that's it! You can now enroll in the Coyotiv School of Software Engineering completely for free!

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Any further questions?

Feel free to contact us for your questions about Bildungsgutschein [email protected]

Bildungsgutschein handout

Learn the details of the course and Bildungsgutschein.